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What People Are Saying

About "A Complete Guide to Sikhism""
“I have gone through this book and found it a perfect document which will give benefit to those who want to study Sikhism.  The language is simple and understandable.  This was required.  I must praise this in depth study.  You have done a great job and the community should thank you for this.”  Tarlochan Singh, Member of Parliament, Former Chairman, National Commission for Minorities, INDIA
“This book was a gift from my friends, the author Dr. Jagraj Singh and his beautiful wife, Mrs Harbans Kaur. My hope was to learn more about Sikhism in order to have a greater appreciation for my friends and their culture and beliefs.  As a Christian, I was delighted to discover how closely I can relate to the fundamentals of Sikhism and the commonalities of living a life dedicated to God, family, the community, and compassion for the needy and less fortunate.  Reading this book has blessed me, and I encourage it for anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of the Sikh faith.”  Missy Ide, Apollo Beach, Florida
“Dr. Singh is a . . . Medical Doctor who, like many of his co-professionals in Tampa Bay Sadhsangat have identified Sikhism, its Scientific approach of convincing human mind of the Pure (Khalsa) teachings of Ten Gurus. Dr. Jagraj Singh ji is from Sikh heartland of Majha area of Punjab, India and both he with his wife make an extra effort to have darshan of Sadhsangat at Gurudwara Sahib, Tampa for the last many years and have participated in many constructive projects aimed to propagate Panthic . . . Dr. Singh also delivered memorable speech in Sikh Heritage College Inauguration Smagam and takes enthusiastic participation in Heritage preservation projects . . . The work by Dr. Jagraj Singh ji is a rich contribution. As Sikhism spreads there is increasing need of Sikh Scholarly works, such like these by the writers who have lived it, especially in English language. Satguru ji bless. May Dr. Jagraj Singh ji live a long healthy life and continue contributing to treasures of Panth.”   Khalsa Ji Ka Keertan
"The Theology of Sikhism is a wonderful scholarly work of Dr. Jagraj Singh . . .I have intimate association with the author and I have seen him work diligently and his remarkable patience has resulted in producing a number of illuminating books on various aspects of the Sikh religion.  His first publication entitiled, 'A Complete Guide to Sikhism' has already received a world-wide acclamation among the Sikh community and people belonging to other religions, who have intense desire to know about Sikhism. . . I congratulate the author on his achievement annd hope that it will be well received by the Sikhs all over the world.  Scholars from other faiths will also benefit from it."  Mohan Singh Rattan, Principal, Sikh Heritage College, Tampa, Florida, USA  (from the Forward of "Theology of Sikhism")